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High dust amounts, visible particles
Especially suitable for tissue, textile, non-woven

Contact web cleaner
High velocity vacuum air flow with ionising system
Up to 1500m/min. web speeds
50mm - 10 Metres working width, single or dual side
Positioned in free web space, wear free
Fully automated with PLC control and customer interface

Electronic Units


elektronikThe BMGZ electronic unit measures and calculates the conveyor performance. The later is integrated and added to the current loading charge.

EMGZ306A Compact Tension Measuring Amplifier


emgz 306AThe EMGZ306A series is a single channel analogue tension measuring amplifier.

EMGZ307 Extra Robust Tension Measuring Amplifier


emgz 307The EMGZ 307 series is a single channel analogue tension measuring amplifier in a robust aluminium housing.

EMGZ309 EIP Measuring Amplifier with EtherNet/IP Bus


emgz309 w eipEMGZ309.EIP amplifiers are an innovative enhancement of the successful 309 series. They are available with a built-in field bus based on EtherNet/IP technology (CIPTM Common Industrial Protocol IEC61158).

EMGZ309 the Digital Tension Measuring Amplifier


emgz 309Ethernet capability and other unique features.

EMGZ321 Left/right Tension Measuring Amplifier


emgz321 rThe EMGZ321, a left/right strain gauge amplifier, measures the material tension on both sides of the roller independently. Thus it is possible to monitor the load distribution over the measuring roller with great accuracy.

EMGZ470.D/472.D PROFIBUS® Tension Measuring Amplifier


emgz470dThe EMGZ470/472 is a double channel, digital tension measuring amplifier with integrated PROFIBUS® interface and suitable for 1 or 2 double range force sensors LMGZ.D

EMGZ470/472A.W PROFIBUS® Tension Measuring Amplifier


emgz 470The EMGZ470/472 is a single channel, digital tension measuring amplifier with integrated PROFIBUS® interface.

EMGZ473.W Tension Measuring Amplifiers


emgz 473Tension measuring amplifier with PROFIBUS® interface in a robust aluminium housing.

EMGZ474 PROFIBUS® Tension Measuring Amplifiers


emgz 474Tension measuring amplifier with PROFIBUS® interface made for DIN rail assembly.

EMGZ480 Force Measuring Amplifier with CAN-BUS® Interface


emgz480 m16In the tension measuring amplifiers of the EMGZ480 series parameter setting and data transmission are performed via an integrated CAN-Bus interface using the Open CAN CiA-DS 301® protocol.

EMGZ600 Series Digital Tension Measuring Amplifier


elektronikMicroprocessor controlled tension measuring amplifier for up to 4 channels with user programming keys, LCD display, robust housing and several special functions built-in.

ExMGZ100/200.ATEX Intrinsically Safe Barrier


exmgzThe ExMGZ100/200.ATEX intrinsically safe barrier is used for applications in intrinsically safe or explosion-proof environments. It is designed for single or double channel tension measurement and is placed between amplifier respectively controller and force sensor.

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