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Hildebrand Technology AG is offering a range of high quality measurement systems with which processes can be monitored and system functionality as well as efficiency can be verified.

IONmeter 1.0 Fieldmeter

Our electrostatic meter, IONmeter 1.0, reads static electricity without contact. It measures voltage on  surfaces and can be used to calculate charge density on insulators.

IONmeter 5.0 Fieldmeter

Our ‘chopper stabilised’ electrostatic meter, IONmeter 5.0, accurately reads static electricity without substrate contact. The hold function keeps the actual reading in memory

IONSense 1.0 Continuous Static Monitoring

Small electro fieldmeter for the permanent control and the measuring of electrostatic DC-fields and electrostatic charges with high sensitivity,

You are here: Home Brands Hildebrand Technology Measurement

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