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UMGZ Force Measuring Bearing Block


umgzThe UMGZ force measuring blocks are ruggedly constructed, accurate and very reliable. They are used in normal and dry ambient conditions.

UMGZ.P Force Measuring Block


umgz pUMGZ.P force measuring blocks are a first-rate substitute for the discontinued Philips products PR 9951/52. They are with regards to the outline dimensions and mounting holes 1-to-1 compatible with the former Philips blocks.

US01B/04B Series Ultrasonic Edge Sensor


sensor kleinThe ultrasonic sensors US01B/04B are suitable for the detection of all materials with the exception of sound transmissive ones (e.g. no open weave textiles). They are factory set, so that no adjustements are necessary. The main advantage of the US series is the reliable detection of transparent films.Due to the various sizes the sensors have a wide application range.

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