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C203 Force Measuring Sensor


c203The dual flexion beam sensors of the C203 series set new benchmarks with regards to precision, reliability and economic efficiency.

CA203 Force Measuring Sensor


ca203The CA203 series is made for dead shaft applications. FMS dual flexion beam technology sensors set new benchmarks with regards to precision, reliability and economic efficiency.

CMGZ309 Digital Tension Controller


CMGZ309RThe CMGZ309 tension controller responds to a broad range of missions. Its field of application is in production lines where moving web products are manufactured, processed or finished.
All internal parameters are also accessible through a web browser. The CMGZ309 is a versatile and economic PID tension controller that solves even your most demanding control tasks.

CMGZ600 Series Digital Tension Controllers


elektronikThe CMGZ600 series controller integrates many functions into a compact housing. It offers selectable control of unwind brake or drive, intermediate drive, or winding drive. The CMGZ600 series controller is available in a 2 channel version offering 2 independent closed loops for tension control of 2 tension zones in any configuration.



compaflexMost products require suitable packaging whether to protect the product for transport and storage, keep foodstuffs fresh or enhance the marketing effect - or a combination of all three.

CR Force Measuring Roller


cr208The force measuring rollers of the CR 208, CR 210 and CR 212 Series are ideal devises to measure tensions in wires, cables and narrow flat materials.

Curtain Coater


curtain coaterA new high speed coating method that meets the most challenging demands of the coating industry.

CZ205 Force Measuring Journal


cz205The force measuring journals of the CZ 205 Series undertake the tension measurement in all kinds of continuous material processing applications.

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