Combined operation for a wide range of packaging functions

compaflexMost products require suitable packaging whether to protect the product for transport and storage, keep foodstuffs fresh or enhance the marketing effect - or a combination of all three. BMB converting systems are designed to coat, lacquer or laminate paper, board, plastic film and aluminium foil in a way that is compatible with the specific packaging function.

Multiple applications with high precision and economy
The configuration of a system depends upon the product specification. A finished product often requires the application of several coatings whereby each must be even, odour-free and provide a sealed surface, etc.

BMB engineering reflects the latest developments in coating technology. The required multiple PVDC coatings are applied efficiently in a combined operation. Using heavy-duty construction, precise settings and appropriate drive systems, BMB machines produce first class results that are highly repeatable and give precise coating volumes. Such systems allow to gain FDA approval for the pharmaceutical industry.

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