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BMB Flexibility:

Components for all types of web materials

At BMB the right coating heads' drying systems and web handling equipment are selected only after careful analysis of the application being performed. BMB has a wide range of equipment components to determine in advance the best systems for the desired finished product and to provide repeatable, accurate results.


All BMB machinery components are built using a large number of standard elements. These standard elements are designed to allow for future modernization and upgrading of existing machinery. Engineering and service personnel with many years of experience and expertise are available for recommendations and advice for improving existing machinery systems with the latest in today's technology.

BMB Component Variety

components2The product pallet of BMB does not only cover the components specified on this site but many more, such as:

- winders/unwinders - cooling rolls - rehumidifiers
- web turnover stations - web conditioning systems
- slitting stations (centre slit or/and edge trim)
- scoring stations - pressurised rolls for contact less web handling
- butt splicers - work stations for coating supply
- secondary control circuits for hot/chilled liquids
- single/double nip calanders - web accumulators
- heated laminators - machine/coating station enclosures
- heat treating stations for plastic films
- manually operated splicing tables
- coating station roll cleaning systems
- two roll/single roll dancer systems

BMB Air Knife Coater


air knife coaterThe air knife coater consists of two main sections, the application part (1-3 rolls) and the metering section, consisting of metering bar and air knife.

BMB Airturn-System


airturn systemNon-contact web floating system. Supports the web on a cushion of air through its angular path. Designed to handle board, paper or filmic material.

BMB Curtain Coater


curtain coating1Years of extensive research work, static tests with various coating solutions, followed by pilot line trials were needed before BMB could present a curtain coating station for water based adhesives.

BMB Multi-Pressure-Gravure Coating Head


mpg2Developed for water based adhesives, PVdC and other coatings with similar characteristics, this coating station design has become very popular in the industry.

BMB Standard Dryer


standard dryersThe most widely used dryer design, uses the latest drying technology. Any type of air bars can be fitted into these dryers.

BMB Unwinders and Rewinders


unwindersMost modern winder technology, from single winders up to fully automatic turret winders, available with many optional features.


BMB Vaccum Roll


vacuum rolls2Vacuum rolls are everywhere applicable, where different web tension ranges are needed. This can be in various locations of converting machinery, such as coating and laminating lines, as well as, in follow-up machines, like printing machines, slitters, etc.

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